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About Me!

a guide to what i am or who i am..

I’m kinda weird like I have this dual personality going on, i have one ear and four eyes, i eat like a dinosaur, i like supernatural stuffs, i have an 8 grade syndrome (watch chuunibyu demo koi ga shitai for more details), and my brain’s a labyrinth of random, crazy, weird, bizarre and surreal ideas. There’s more to it but that’s enough to give you a glimpse of what i am.

The thing is, I really don’t want to be a mundane. I want to be a vampire, a werewolf, a shadowhunter, a divergent, a caster, a wizard, a moroi, a dhampir, a demigod or a tribute or an assassin or a cat girl or whatever that is not human. I just want my life to be extraordinary, I just want to visit different dimensions, I just want to be a part of something so big. Something that is not normal, something that is adventurous, dangerous and ridiculous.

About Me! (1)

This blog is basically just about anything that’s in my mind 💭. Since I’m a bookworm 📚, a wanderlust 🗺, an otaku and an ARMY, all of the post here will be about them 😉.

Most of my post will be about Book Reviews 📑📖 because I read a lot. It is just so hard, not to be able to express and talk about what a book made you feel, thus the purpose of this blog. Also, I’ve been doing book reviews for so long in my tumblr blog, which I transferred here, that it became so second nature to me to review books after reading them.

I also love travelling 😍✈️!! To the point that I guess I’m already addicted to it 😂.. However, I am just a newbie traveler and I can’t travel always because 💸. So, travel post in this blog would not be a regular but it will be here 😂.

Despite having almost all of my time in reading, I still have time to watch anime once in a while. So I will also post Anime Reviews just like what I did before (in my Tumblr blog).

Lastly, I will probably post about BTS but it would probably be the least content in my blog because I am not really a die-hard ARMY yet. I would just maybe post about theories and that’s it.Divider