Friday Tagday!! ~This or That Book Tag~

T & A This or That Book Tag

Greetings humans!! It’s Friday once again and I’m here to do another
book tag! This time it’s a tag that I saw on Between The Pages (visit for additional awesome blog to follow). Let’s get
along with the tag already!!

Series or Standalone
  • I had a hard time choosing 🤔! I would probably go with Series because almost all of my favorite books are series and I think I develop deeper connection and understanding to a book that is detailed and long.
Magic-Earned or Magic-Born
  • Anything is okay for me but its fun to read a character’s journey towards discovering and honing a magic that he/she is born with ✨.
Enemies to Lovers or Friends to Lovers
  • Enemies to lovers!! It is more dramatic and fun to read! Plus I think it’s less cringy.
Hilarious Banter or Emotional Ruin
  • Hilarious Banter is definitely my cup of coffee ☕ (I love coffee more than tea).
Love Triangle or Insta Love
  • Not really a fan of both but I would choose Insta Love over Love Triangle because I’m not a fan of Love Triangles.
Keyboard Smash names or All Names start with the same letter
  • Keyboard Smash Names because I like discovering unique names to name my babies someday 😁.
Mean Parents or Dead Parents
  • Absent Parents is better than these two choices, which means I won’t choose anything.
Supermodel looks or Constantly talks about plain looks
  • Again, I won’t choose anything because these two really annoys me so much. Supermodel looks is unrealistic and constantly talks about plain looks is just so pretentious.
Face on Cover or Typography on cover
  • Typography on cover! I love books with artistic covers 😍 and I would definitely read them but I also read the synopsis and judge base on that most of the time.
Villain turns a little good or Hero turns a little bad
  • Villain turns a little good just melts my heart and it is so warm to read but then heroes who become a little bad is something out of the ordinary and I like reading something like that too. So yeah, both.
Best Friend Dies or Love Interest Dies
  • Best Friend dying is one of the most painful scenarios 😭 that you could read and that is quite rare. So I will choose that because I am a sucker for romance and I just can’t afford to break my heart a billion times.
Good writing and Bad Plot or Bad writing and good plot
  • Neither but a good plot really matters but then a good plot can’t be given justice without good writing 📃.
Cliffhanger or Heart breaking Ending
  • I would take Heart-breaking Ending because at least there is an ending and I can rest easy not cracking my brain for some possible ending and scenarios that could possibly happen. Cliffhangers are nightmares 😰😵!!!
Breaking the Spine or Dog-earing pages
  • Neither!! Oh my gosh… no, just no.
Bad Boy or Golden Boy Trope
  • Some Bad Boy tropes are greatly written and I’ve read some. So, I will choose that.

That’s it!! If you enjoy this and you want to do this tag, feel free to do so!!

If you want me to personally tag you in my upcoming Friday Tagday posts let me know in the comments below!

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