27, With A White Lighter Poem Collection Review

27, with a white lighterdivider 3


A poem collection of different kinds of love, sexuality, life, and what’s in between…

I am not really a fan of poems. I mean I get really fascinated with them but then it sometimes frustrates me that I have to think hard first before I could understand it and when I finally do understand it, I’m just too tired to appreciate it. Although, this doesn’t happen most of the time but it happens and that’s just sad. Okay, on to the review…divider 3

Concept, story

It is a collection of poems that speaks about what the poet has experienced in life so far. It contains topic on love, life, and f*ck ups. The poems were easy to understand and to unravel but it is hard to connect in some poems. It is so emotional and raw that it feels like reading directly to the poets soul. The poet’s writing style is unique and doesn’t follow a pattern and some poems doesn’t have a rhyming scheme. Although, I noticed some pictures coming out of how the words were spaced. I’m not really sure though because I only have the e-copy maybe the spacing is different in the hard copy.

My Rating

This is a three star read for me ⭐⭐⭐. I like some of the poems but there are poems that just doesn’t add up and I can’t connect to it quite well. Also, I don’t like how heavy and sad it is. I mean I understand that most of what we write is about our pain but this is just too raw for me. It is just too dark and sad for me. I am not saying that it is bad or that the poems are bad, It is just not for me.

Ending BR


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